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July 19

In the light of all that is wonderful and perfect in impartial imperfection of a world so unforgiving, I thank God for the beauty of you.

Sitting on a brick paver watching trucks in Daytona, Mama looked over at me and spoke straight to my heart,

“If only Grip was here. I wonder what he would think of this”

In that moment, my brain understood the confusion of the heavy feeling in my heart.

The physical pain that filled my chest Every time someone in a Ford Smashed the gas and left Thick black clouds of diesel exhaust.

At my desk at work Hyped up on coffee I’m typing so fast that my thoughts are delayed Compared to the letters dancing on the screen until my fingers stop moving after I type the date.


Tomorrow’s your day.

7/19 will never be the same.

It always brings a twinge of pain, Followed by smiles, Butterflies & Overall good vibes that I can feel But can’t explain.

So as I sit here, The tears have come and I blinked them away quickly Because I feel the pressure of your love wrapping around me.

All that you were shines on me, Even in the storms.

All that you are, whispers in the winds and Flows over me like a smooth breeze coming off the lake.

All that you would be is carried in me With every accomplishment (big or small) That God gives me strength to achieve.

Every day you shine through the clouds on me Every day I rub my side Where your name is on my skin.

7/19 and every day, Grip, I love you always.

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