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The Release + Reset Clarity Journal is Here!

Do you wake up with a mind full of racing thoughts? Have trouble going to sleep because you’re overwhelmed and can’t calm your mind? Do you struggle to make decisions because you can’t think clearly?

Use this journal for morning and evening brain dumps to free your mind of the brain fog that makes decision making and productivity difficult.

The Release and Reset Clarity Journal is a guided journal that has unlined pages for morning and evening brain dumps where each day, you take a few minutes to clear your mind of everything so that you can have a productive day and a restful night.

At the end of the week, there are two lined pages-a Release and a Reset page. These pages serve as a chance for you to organize your thoughts. The Release pages are for evaluating the brain dumps from the week, making note of any recurring feelings, fears, and patterns or lingering incomplete to do list items; the Reset pages are used to reset your mindset for the week and develop a plan for a more productive, aligned week to come.

Overall, the journal provides a place to release and review the thoughts that normally fog your mind and slow you down. Using this journal, you can review all of your thoughts before making a decision and release the anxiety caused by interruptive thoughts to be more productive daily.


  • 7 x 10 inches for plenty of writing space

  • 200 pages

  • Unlined brain dump pages

  • Lined Release and Reset pages for organized reflection and planning space

  • 4 Additional blank pages at the end for you to use as you please

The journal is available through Amazon. You can click the link or search "Samantha Pollock" to order your copies today!

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